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A voice tool that allows users track their health data

How can we enable patients to track and trend their health data using mobile phones?

myHealthTracks is an exploration in user health symptom tracking. For this project I used Google Voice and Asterisk in a software solution that allows users to track their health information via a voice/mobile phone software configuration (with subsequent transcription). myHealthTracks was designed as a use case for recently discharged patients in an attempt to allow them to communicate their current "pain level" to their care team. A web interface was built that allowed both patients and care providers to track and trend pain data over time. This project seeks to explore how people are interested in interacting with the stream of health data they are constantly creating and also which technologies are most appropriate for specific patient populations. This project was built as my course final for Redial:Building voice applications (NYU Interactive Telecommunication Program). This project was featured at the Spring 2010 ITP student show.