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Enabling health care delivery by untrained practitioners

How can we enable persons with NO prior experience to effectively administer healthcare?

For this project I wanted to explore how we can deliver effective healthcare through persons who have no prior care experience or knowledge. This project was born out of the observation that a good number of medical treatments are administered as algorithms and that a practitioner needs to be competent in understanding the decision tree and the implementation of each step. For this design I chose voice delivery of one specific algorithmic medical protocol, cardio pulmonary resuscitation (CPR). For the technology implementation I created a software solution using the Asterisk programming language that allowed a user to call the "CPR Helpline" and be walked through the correct protocol for the patient presentation they were confronted with utilizing simple interactions with their phone. This project was built for my Redial:programming voice applications course (NYU Interactive Telecommunication Program).

CPR Presentation